Pursuing Your Talents from the Perspective of a Teenager

Are you a teenager? What is your passion or talent? Are you pursuing it? For this month’s blog post, we thought we would share the perspective from one of our board advisors. Just like you, Victoria is a teenager who had many passions and talents. One of them is her love for photography. Because she decided to work hard and follow her passion, she now has a career in photography with her own photography business! It’s amazing what a person can do when they set their mind and heart to take action toward a goal. Find out what Victoria has to say about pursuing your talents.

14359200_1569899043036172_8731080193849628487_n“Everyone has a talent or a passion that burns inside and keeps them going, keeps them wanting more out of life. That talent or passion is what we desperately need to pull out of our youth today. So many kids are  wasting their lives away because they feel as if they can offer nothing and have nothing special. Each and every person walking on this planet has something unique to offer the world to make it a better place.  As a teen myself, I want nothing more than to see my future lead by passionate and talented people, and those people are our youth.

I discovered at a very young age that I love horses. Nothing major to it but I knew there was something I wanted to do that involved horses. So I spoke up and let my parents and everyone I knew know that horses were my animal. And out of that love and dedication I was given the opportunity to ride and learn all I could about horses. And from that training I was offered a job taking care of horses. All of this happened because I spoke up and let people know who I was.

A similar thing happened with my photography, I expressed my deep interest in photography and filming. After working and saving my money, I was able to purchase my future in the shape of a camera. Because of my willingness to be who I was and the dedication to work and save, I was able to eventually start my own photography business.

This is what I want everyone to know – If you want something or are halfway interested in something, then speak up. Talk to people who are doing what you want to do. Make connections and reach out. You never know. You might end up being 20 years old with your own business. Never give up on what you love and never back down from your future because the price may be too high or the road too rocky. If there is anything I have learned in my 19 years of being alive, it is that the future that makes you happy is a future worth shedding a few tears over. Never quit and never lose sight of who you are.”

Victoria Muniz

Victoria Muniz is 19 years old and a member of The Joseph Initiative. Ever since she was a kid, she always had a heart to help others, whether they needed it or not. She began volunteering when she was 13 years old at her church, and from that she realized that every small action put towards helping someone counts. As Victoria spent more and more time volunteering, she was asked, at the age of 15, to teach her own class at church. From that point on, she has had a passion to reach out to our youth and invest love and knowledge into them.

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