Our Programs

This past March marked the start of our first teen program – a class in filmmaking. The students enjoyed the class and learned some valuable skills they can take into adulthood. Going forward, we will be working with area professionals to create teen programs in several areas:

Teen Programs


We are in the process of developing a fun, yet informative program to teach teens who have a passion in various areas of multi-media. The program includes everything from social media to filmmaking, journalism and radio broadcasting.

The Arts

Many members in our community play a role in advancing the arts. We know there are a number of teenagers in our community who are talented, but need guidance to develop and hone their skills. Coming soon to an area in Asheville… a class on dance. After that, the sky is the limit!


Having mentors as role models is proven to make a significant impact in the lives of young boys and girls. Our boys mentoring program will be starting this fall.

On-Line Resources

Our big vision… To build a community resource center where families can come together to participate in enrichment programs and avail themselves of essential services. Until we have the location and building, we are creating an on-line resource center for the members of our community. Visit the on-line resource center now.

How You Can Participate

Whether it is with your finances or your talents, we encourage individuals and businesses to get involved. Here are some of the ways you can help us fulfill our mission:

  • Give of your talents by volunteering to teach our teens about the arts or multi- media.
  • Become a mentor to young boys in our community who need strong role models.
  • Share your resources with us so we can provide members of our community the tools they need to grow strong and thrive.

Contact The Joseph Initiative today to helps us grow strong families and strong communities