Once Upon a Time… Storytelling Brings People Together

One of the main focuses of The Joseph Initiative is to unite our community. In our quest to bring people together, we decided to hold monthly storytelling events. As our Executive Director, Karen Cowan, stated in a recent press release,“Everyone has a story to tell, and when we share our stories that is the beginning of us becoming a healthy (mind, body and spirit) connected community.” There are many benefits associated with storytelling. I will outline several of them here. More importantly, I will challenge you to experience for yourself how storytelling connects us to one another by joining us each month for our community storytelling event.

Think of how involved you get in a story when you are watching television or a movie. You begin to connect with the characters to the point where there’s somewhat of an emotional attachment. They and their story become real to you. Also imagine some of the stories you heard recently from your friends, family members or business associates. Did you find yourself connecting with those stories, too? Of course you did! That’s because we are social creatures. Whether spoken, drawn or acted out, storytelling has been part of our DNA (so to speak) since the beginning of time. Stories have been used to tell about great battles and tragedies. They have been used to express great love. Family histories have been passed down from generation to generation. It’s how we connect our past with our present and create our futures.

Did you know your brain is actually attracted to stories? Check out this video to learn more.

Fascinating, right?! Stories actually change our brains! They also bring our brains together to the point where we connect and feel an emotional bond with one another. How fabulous would that be for our community? Perhaps if we understood one another’s stories, we would begin to feel more compassion for all of our community. We would seek out ways to assist one another. It would give us the ability to learn from each other and grow stronger together.

That’s what we want to accomplish with our monthly storytelling events. We invite you to join us for the first event on on June 21, 2018, from 5:00pm at Lenoir Rhyne University. We have a very special evening planned. Come and get to know your community! All you need to do is RSVP.

Anne Lazo

Anne is believes in giving back to her local community and loves serving people. When it comes to her involvement with The Joseph Initiative, she is passionate about creating an organization that values and serves others in a positive and encouraging manner. To help accomplish this goal, Anne is heavily involved in helping The Joseph Initiative with marketing efforts. On a personal note, Anne loves the outdoors and is an avid runner. She is a half and full marathoner and enjoys training for those races in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina.

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