Is your child feeling overly anxious about the new school year?

The new school year is fast approaching. Is your child ready to learn? Everyone learns differently. Some children are able to grasp their studies quickly while others may struggle. Regardless of your child’s abilities, you can help them develop good study habits. A child who develops good study habits will not only perform better in his or her classes, but he or she will develop beneficial skills that will carry into adulthood. If your child is anxious about the new year, read on to learn how you can help him or her with school studies.

How to Recognize if Your Child is Struggling with School

As parents, we like to think we know everything about our children – their likes, dislikes, how they feel, and what they want to do in life. In reality, kids are often good at hiding their struggles. When it comes to school, there are some definite signs your child may be struggling. He or she may be:

  • Having difficulty keeping up with homework.
  • Unable or disinterested in discussing things happening at school.
  • Becoming more aggressive or irritated when asked about school or homework.
  • Developing low self-esteem.
  • Receiving low test scores.
  • Losing interest in learning.

How to Respond to a Child Who is Struggling with Schoolwork

The most important way to respond is to open the lines of communication. Talk with your child’s teachers to find out where your child is struggling. Is he or she having trouble with a specific subject? Sit down with your child at a time when tensions are low. Don’t argue or grill your child. Help your child understand that school work will never be conflict-free, but that you are there to help. Often times one of the problems is a lack of good study habits.

Resources to Assist You in Helping Your Child Develop Good Study Habits

There are many local and on-line resources that you can tap into for information on helping your child develop good study habits:

Local Study Resources:

Read2Succeed Asheville

On-Line Study Resources:

PBS Article –  When Your Child is Struggling Academically

Sylvan Learning Article – 10 Good Study Habits to Help Your Child Succeed in the New School Year

Child Development Institute’s Article – Tips for Helping Kids and Teens with Homework and Study Habits

Positive Parenting Solutions Article – Good Study Habits: Making Change

We wish you and your children a successful school year!

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