Where boredom ends, creativity begins.

It can be lonely to dream. Only you can contain that passion and desire, and no one will ever have the ability to climb into your mind and fully fathom what you experience. We can empathize to a limited extent and we can share similar experiences, but when it comes to being you, you are […]

Becoming a Professional

Recently I read an article that compared what it means to be an amateur to a professional. The gist of the article was to say that a professional puts in effort to improve and grow in whatever it is they are pursuing, while an amateur remains stagnant. So much more blood sweat and tears – as they say – goes into the making of a […]

Speak Your Truth

When it comes to being creative, we can often feel we must do something fresh and new. I personally grew up rejecting everything that wouldn’t pin me as an individual. I often let the fear of being too unoriginal stop me from creating – even the things that I loved. So whether you think you […]