Speak Your Truth

When it comes to being creative, we can often feel we must do something fresh and new. I personally grew up rejecting everything that wouldn’t pin me as an individual. I often let the fear of being too unoriginal stop me from creating – even the things that I loved. So whether you think you are “left-brained” or “right-brained” we are all creative people, it is simply our nature. We all have the ability to make something completely our own. The ability to create anything at all is in itself a miraculous gift that often gets watered down by our society. Even if we say or do something that has been done many times before, there is something so beautiful and essential in speaking our own truth. In my experience art lives when we give it life by speaking our truth.

We all have something to say or express whether it be through painting, singing, or dancing. You’ll never know whose soul it may nourish when you take the risk to share your artistic gifts. Our experiences have a wonderful way of knitting into the fabric of the lives around us, while also providing therapy for ourselves as we process through those experiences and emotions. Our own survival and resilience through pain and sorrow or even our perception of love and joy: these are the things that make us human. They need to be shared in order to remind one another that we are not alone. What may seem so specific to us may in fact be the profound piece that brings hope to another human. We are all consuming and recycling the things we hear and see in this world, but we each have unique ears and eyes that reveal new depths, layers and angles to view and receive what seems to be a simple universal truth.

Words and colors wouldn’t live without what we bring to them. Our creations grow as we shine our selves upon them and fertilize them with the sweat and tears that are poured into the process – whatever it may be. Don’t let the fear of failing to create something incredible stop you from creating. You must simply create from what you know to be true, and even when you make something that you want to call out as mediocre, it is simply guiding you to greater awareness of your truth so that you may create something that is indeed spectacular. Something that has been said before in a new way, something that connects us.

Kelly White

Kelly White is a Florida native and a singer/songwriter. At the University of North Florida she majored in Sociology and minored in Art History. From being in a band to taking the leap to start her own solo project in Asheville, she has found that in order to pursue what you love, you must not let fear get in the way. She writes about the human emotions so many of us hide behind walls we've built; and believes that the connection we share through art and music will create a better and more loving world.

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