Mission, Vision & Core Values

Our Mission:

The Joseph Initiative is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that partners with members of our local community and non-profit organizations to offer enrichment programs that strengthen families and unite our community.

Our Vision:

For far too long, members of our community have been trying to “go it alone” instead of working together to build stronger relationships.  Our vision is to help people re-learn how to live together, prosper together and be responsible for one another.


At present, we are collaborating with individuals, business owners and non-profit organizations to create programs specifically geared toward helping teenagers learn valuable life skills. In the future, we will build a resource center where every member of our community can participate in programs that enrich and strengthen our neighborhoods.  By collaborating with local non-profit organizations and businesses, we will offer programs in life skills, job training, mentoring, parenting, and teen interests, to name a few.  The resource facility will also be used to provide infant and toddler day care and will also provide the community with on-site access to various professionals like doctors and dentists.


Within the next 10 years, we will take the program model we create in Asheville and the surrounding areas to other communities throughout the United States.

Our Core Values:

The Joseph Initiative is is rooted in Christian faith but welcomes all community members. In our daily activities, we abide by the following core values:

  • We will honor everyone with whom we have contact by treating them with compassion, grace and mercy.
  • We will provide enrichment programs and essential services that are accepting, welcoming, and safe for all members of our community.
  • We will conduct our business activities with honesty and integrity.
  • We will serve as a place where people can gain knowledge that enriches their lives and the lives of those around them.
  • We will be a place where people can have fun.